HappyHeadshotI’m the Messaging Director at a Highlands Fellowship. I have an amazing wife named Kami, two great kids, and two miniature dachshunds. I am passionate about helping organizations and individuals develop skills to share their stories online. You can find me on twitter ( @jameseaton ) and Instagram ( @james_eaton ).


I love talking, which is probably why I love podcasts. I have produced several podcasts over the years, but my current podcast that I host is called WKLY. You can find it on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Anchor, or Spotify.

I also love writing. Over the last year, I have spent time developing the practice of writing. I participated in National Novel Writing Month ( NaNoWriMo for short) in 2018 and wrote my first novel. It’s called A Moment in Time. I am currently developing the novel for release in 2019.


2 Responses to About

  1. Adam Colvin says:

    5 episodes in to Beards, Songs, and Theology – LOVE IT!!!

    Have an oil recommendation:
    Knuckles Up Oil Co. out of Oklahoma City…my favorite – GROUND AND POUND…infused with oil of COFFEE!!!

    Beards, coffee, music, theology, family…a lovely circle

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