I’m back. Probably

I have most definitely have had an on-again off-again relationship with this site. I used to write here all the time (like in college, when I thought I knew everything), or at the beginning of a calendar year when I told myself I would write more, or to share about a big life event or random project.

I have written a good amount over the last few years on Medium. I really like the community and design of their site, but I find myself missing a place that I can call home online. Instagram is fun, twitter is… Twitter (I actually really enjoy using Twitter; it’s still my favorite social network).

Let me catch you up to speed since the last time I added something to this blog.

  1. I started a new job 2 months ago. I have spent the last 6 years at Indian Springs Baptist Church. I grew up at ISBC, many of my family members and friends attend that church, and I was able to grow in so many ways during that time. You can read a post on Medium about that transition if you would like more info.
  2. My transition to Highlands Fellowship has been incredible! I love my new job, I love the staff culture here, and I love the people of Highlands. God has been faithful and this transition has been such a blessing (that sounds totally cliche, but it really is true).
  3. BOTH of our kids are in preschool. A few weeks ago Emmylou celebrated her 3rd birthday, so she and Lionel BOTH GO TO SCHOOL. Last Friday kami and I went out for coffee and shopping by ourselves, during the day. It was amazing. Our kids are growing so fast, but I LOVE seeing them grow into little humans. To celebrate Emmylou’s birthday, I made a short (long) video documenting their life together over the last three years. You can watch the video below.

4. The Podcast is coming back! You should subscribe to WKLY (if you haven’t already) . New episodes are coming out next week (and each week for the rest of the year). You can find the podcast on iTunes or on Soundcloud

5. I was recently on a podcast with Nils Smith. You can check out our interview on the Social Media Church site. We talk about church online, community, and the struggles of online ministry. It was a really great conversation, and I hope to be back on the podcast again in early 2018.


Ok, that’s enough for now. See you soon(ish).

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