Remembering, grieving, thankful

Last fall, Kami had a miscarriage. It was a gut wrenching, painful, and surreal time in our lives. It was almost like sitting outside my body watching myself react as events unfolded.  It was surreal at time, and then at other times it was the most real and painful thing ever.

It was not long after the miscarriage that Kami became pregnant again; it was a sweet and wonderful gift the Lord had granted us. We were blow away, but I was nervous for a while. It was scary to be excited about this pregnancy because of fears in the past. God has been so good and faithful to us during this time, and has calmed many of my fears. I am still scared sometimes, but I trust that God knows what is happening, and will working things out for His good.

As I sit here this morning, with my dog on my lap and my wife sleeping upstairs, “thankful” is all I can think about. I am thankful for my amazing wife who is so supportive, brave, strong, and my best friend. I am thankful for a healthy child who will be here to meet us in August. I am thankful for supportive friends and relatives who are making this time of pregnancy and life easier.

Thankful that God makes all things new. Thankful that God comforts those who weep, and restores brokenness.

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