The beauty of secret goals

We live in a world where sharing is everything. Like this, retweet this, instagram this sunset, add me as a friend on that network. It seems like everything is worth sharing (even if it is not worth sharing). When everything is worth sharing, then nothing is worth sharing.

The problem with sharing everything is that you feel some accomplishment because you share them. Making a “top 10 resolutions” may inspire you for a minute, but it may not help you actually accomplish those goals.

I made some goals last January; I kept them until I starte telling people about them. I wanted to journal everyday of the year…which I was accomplishing until I started telling people about what I was doing. I lost my motivation because I started sharing my goals with people. Telling people was cathartic and made me feel like I was accomplishing something, even though I wasn’t doing anything.

This year, I have a few specific goals. Part of that is not telling the internet world about my goals. The internal motivation to work on goals is much better for me than sharing goals with everyone.

One of my not-really-secret goals is to blog more this year. I used to blog a decent amount, but I was young a ignorant. Now, I am a little older and much more aware of my ignorance.

Here’s to a successful year of growth, change, and dreams that become realities. I am so excited to see what 2013 has in store.

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