Thailand- day 8

Today was a finishing day. We spent the morning at the office getting footage captured, images backed up, and making sure we had everything we would need when we got back to America. 

We were also able to interview a few more people that have been crucial to the ministry center here in Chiang Mai. 


Before I left for the trip, one of my friends told me she had a friend who lived in Chiang Mai that came to Texas to work at a camp in the summers. I was doubtful that I could find one person out of a million people…but it turns out that I met him the second day we were there! His name is Ekk, and he is one of the few male Thai believers his age that comes to Ban Kanoon. He spent most of the week with us and he is such a great guy. It was insane to meet someone halfway around the world that knows people that go to North Greenville. We were able to capture Ekk’s testimony today; I can’t wait to watch the tapes and hear more of his story. 

(if you look at my last post, you can see a picture of Ekk at a market we visited one evening. I think it is the second picture in the set)


This evening we were able to debrief with the other teams that were out doing other projects. We were able to share some pictures and videos with each other and share brief stories about what God had done that week. It was an amazing experience to sit and hear classmates share incredible God-stories from this one week. It felt like I had not seen some of those people in a month…but it had really only been a few days. So much happened this week; it is going to take a while for some of this to really sink in to point where I can even put it to words.

 Thailand is an incredible place, and I am so thankful I here. I know that I will leave here changed by the people and experiences I have had. God is so good, and he is so much bigger than we imagine. 

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