Thailand- Day 2

We split up in our groups today. I am in the Chiang Mai group with 7 other people. We went to a park today and had a picnic with some of the Thai kids that hang out with the Journeymen. We shared food, sang songs, and prayed together. I have learned so much from those kids and missionaries about life, relationships, and church…and it has only been one day. 


It is amazing what you learn half a world away. 


We spent the evening walking through a street market. It was a neat experience, and I got to eat some killer food from vendors. They were selling everything from shirts to handmade instruments; I am pretty sure you could find almost anything on the street. It was an interesting time just walking around with the Thai people and trying to imagine their life. 

Also, the people driving here are wild. Motorcycles and mopeds zip between cars and no one seems to stay in their lane very often. More than once I was sure a motorcycle was going to hit a car, everyone seems to know what they are doing. Driving here is like controlled chaos.  


Great day today. I can’t wait to see what God has in store this week.