Thailand day….1 and 2ish


It is Sauryday here but Friday for most people reading this. 


Plane rides were fun. This was my first time flying, so I was a little nervous about cheking in, baggage, TSA, and such.  The first flight was 15 hour. By the end of that one I was ready to be off the plane. An hour later we left Seoul, South Korea to Chiang Mai, which was a little over 5 hours, and then took vans to the house where some of us will be staying at all week. Everything went very smoothly for everyone and we are here in Chiang Mai safe and sound (with all of our luggage and equipment too!) 


My body is rather confused since we are 12 hours ahead of eastern time. Hopefully I can get some rest tonight and be ready to go in the morning. 


I will be posting longer posts with more picturs and stuff during the week, but I wanted to let everyone know that we made it here and are ready to go. 


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