Define the Win

One crucial thing in any organization (or your personal work) is to define what you want to accomplish. Wanting to change what you are doing and actually changing it can sometimes be decided by defining what you want to change. It is so easy to be vague when talking about growth. “Well, I just want to get smarter, stronger, build a better team, or provide better customer service.” Those are all beneficial things, but there is no actual way to measure whether you are on track or not. Defining a win does not mean defining each step, or micro-managing everything that happens. It just means that people are working toward a common and understandable goal. I am spending Christmas break working on design and communication. I have tangible goals, book to read, blogs to read, and videos to watch. I know what it is going to take for me to grow, and I am willing to work for that. Having a defined win helps keep your team (or you) on track to finishing, and may even enable you to think creatively while doing it.

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