Practice makes permanent

If there is one thing I have learned in the past few yeas is that practice does not make perfect. But it does make permanent

When I spend time learning about design elements and putting them into practice, I am able to create and stretch myself because I committed to learn.

When I practice music ad learn guitar parts, I am free to explore different tones, effects, and chord voicing. I already know the song so I dint have to worry about the notes and I can focus on actually making music.

I don’t always love practicing, especially when it is for a class (like Spanish…). But I am thankful when I take the time to learn and practice because it frees me up to move past the rules and on to creating.

Cramming for an exam is not as useful as learning all year long. Playing music become much easier when I spend time with scales and chord theory. My mind thinks clearer when I read beneficial material, even If I don’t need the information that very moment.

My goal in whatever I do is to make the things I am practicing permanent. Perfection is achieved in the fact that I am producing, not necessarily the outcome of what is produced.

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