What will you create?

One thing I have been learning lately is the difference from creating and consuming.

The internet is a great manipulator of actual creation. You enjoy reading, looking at, and consuming what other people make and share…..and it can almost feel like you are part of that creation, even though you have no actual part in it. 

It is easy to become so excited about what others are doing that you forget to actually do something yourself. 

In light of deleting my facebook, I also realize that it will be of no worth if I do not fill that extra free time with something worthwhile. There is always a struggle between consuming a creating. 

One practical way I have been able to do this is called a Pomodoro . It is a technique where you set a timer for 25 minutes,, work till the timer goes off, then take a 5 minute break to check email, answer phone messages, etc. After 4 sessions you take a longer break, maybe 15 minutes. This allows you to do uninterrupted work, and stay connected with other things without having overlap. 
Using this method I get more done in one hour than I could have in 2 normally. This is how I work every day, and i have seen great results the last month or so. It is much easier for me to think of working for 25 minutes on something than the 2 hours it will take for me to finish the whole project. it is almost a way t

Everyone has to find a balance between creating and consuming. They are connected, but you cannot be doing your best work and be fully connected at the same time. It’s all about balancing, and people’s work you love the most are the people who have figured it out. 

What will you create today? Finish sending emails, finish an assignment (or start one you have been putting off for a week), or  finish writing a short story. Just create something. 

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