It’s been a while

It has been a very very…very long time since I have updated anyone of my blog sites. I apologize for the long hiatus, but hopefully I will be around more often. ( I probably don’t mean that… I am about as committed to blogging right now as I am to shaving: neither of which happen very often. But alas, I will make an effort. Not to shave, but to write….)

Since I have have been away from the whole “blogging scene” (or whatever the cool kids call it these days) for a while, I shall give you a (possibly) clever, short, and concise rundown of my life and summer at home. 

– My lovely fiance and I are doing a program called “couch to 5K”. Basically, we don’t run…and now we do. It is not the most graceful thing yet, but we are planning on doing a 5k run in September. I am also finally starting to bike again after some time off from some weird bike problems (more like problems with me on the bike… anyway, I am back and at it again.) MUST.GET.BACK.IN.SHAPE 

– I am having a pretty great summer working at Highlands Fellowship. I am learning every day, and I think it will prove to be one of the best hands-on internships I have ever been a part of. I have been able to be a part of some great things, share my passions, and ask hard questions about life and ministry. That is a win in my book.  

– I have not cut my hair in a long time. Mainly because Kami likes it. It might be funny the first day back at school when people don’t recognize me. I miss being able to style my hair, but I do like that I can put it back in a pony tail and head out the door. Hey, it worked for Steven Seagal

– Kami and I both really miss being at Renewal Church. They are the only church I have ever been a part of that is actually serious about true discipleship. It is the most overlooked factor in almost every church I have been in contact with. Renewal is new, only has a handful of staff, no building, and nothing fancy, but they are making multi-generational disciples. No system, just a mandate from God that they have taken seriously. 

– I have done a good deal of reading. This will continue on into the school year. Best read so far. The War of Art .  I have not read a more challenging book in a while. If you have not read it, you need too. But be prepared to take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror and then step it up. 

– Because of the aforementioned book, my journals, graph paper, and Adobe Creative Suite are becoming much closer friends. It is usually a daily struggle, but I am getting stronger and   winning more often. If you have read the book, you understand about the resistance) 

– I am pretty sold on getting an Ipad at the end of the summer. It will be great for books for classes, and my schoolwork. 

–  Last year of school is coming up. hard to believe. I am half excited/half freaked out. It seems like not that long ago when I moved into Unit D room 4, started classes, and went to see midnight showings of movies with Kami (something we could never do when we lived at home. First midnight show we saw, Stardust…odd movie, memorable night)

Maybe I will update more often…or maybe I will just post pictures on my Tumblr site. I seem to actually do that. So, if you are one of the few people out there that may even remotely care… you can check out pics of my life as I feel like sharing. it is probably a better way to keep up with me than waiting for me to type something.

Stay classy San Francisco. 

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