Admitting there is a problem

This is a quote from a book I am reading called “Roaring Lambs”

 “If the lambs will ever roar- if Christian faith is ever to gain acceptance in our culture- Churches ad Christian Colleges must do a better job of addressing the paucity of a Christian presence in American public life. The best way to start is to admit there is a problem.” – Bob Briner

-If we are ever going to make an impact in the culture, we are going to have to admit that there is a problem.
 One of the problems is, that we are NOT DOING ANYTHING.

  It is cute if the Churched world loves you and thinks you are cute, but it means nothing to the world if you are not engaged in their world.

 Is your influence limited to your local church?? Or, are you living for Christ in everyday life??

 Just something to think about on this rainy afternoon.



Not too bad of a read for a school book :).

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