The Chopping Block

Hair is cut.

No, I did not shave it off…(thank you Kami…)
Here is a nice little before/after shot to show what went down today.
1. I keep shaking my head…and my hair does not move with me any longer
2. I feel like I have a “ghost limb” except “ghost hair”
3. I do not miss the hassle
4. I do miss the curls…
5. Although it felt much better biking today, so that is a plus.
6. I think I will wear a fo-hawk tomorrow to commemorate my new hair.
I think I am going to like it, although I really do miss my long hair.

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One Response to The Chopping Block

  1. Kami Cross says:

    I miss the curls too. But I really like the short!!

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