It has been a long time since I have done a random post…I think it is long overdue.

so. ready or not, here it comes. As sure as a train coming round the bend or a a hip-hop star in news for doing something stupid, this is your random thought post for the day.

– God is stretching me in so many areas. There are pages worth of posts I could write about it, maybe I will one day. But for now, I am not quite ready to share about it. I do not want to write till it is time to unveil.

– I am really behind in my workouts for biking. I have been sick since February and I cannot seem to shake this crud in my chest. I have taken prescriptions, claratin, Sudafed, ect. but it seems to have settled in for a while. Hopefully I can get rid of it soon…


-The weather has been BEAUTIFUL lately (except when it rains). I am loving the warm sun and the cool breeze.

– I am sooooo excited about BSU next year. I got to spend the last few days with the new council and it was amazing. There is such depth and wisdom; it is going to to be an awesome year. I think BSU next year may be the best ever.

– I like v-neck shirts. I need some color ones for summer. Anyone know where I can get some comfortable ones for cheap?? I would like one of every color…

– I am really getting into photography. I really want a DSLR camera. Anyone know where I can find a good deal on one?? anyone selling?

– I am loving my new Line 6 M13. It has been the best thing I have purchased for my guitar setup. If you are looking for a versitle box with tons of extra features, then I would suggest checking it out. Just being able to have multiple delays has been worth it. Someone told me the other day that I played like The Edge; that was a great compliment.

– Pandora radio has changed my life. I love hearing new music, and with Pandora I can listen to it for free, and make playlists of what I like.

– I want an iPhone. I hate Windows Mobile.
           I have given it a chance. It stinks… sorry.

– Sometimes I want a pair of man capris so I can fit in with Florida people…is that wrong?

– I have to stop drinking coffee at night; it is keeping me up. It does not always do it, but lately I have been very affected by caffine.

wow. That was long, and I have not even started. I feel an extension post coming soon.

Hope that was less painful than you expected.


Make sure to leave comments on the post about the cow urine soft drink if you want to get a special post all for yourslef. Just scroll down and check it out.

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1 Response to Randomness

  1. Brian Alexander says:

    So about the exercising make sure you read this: http://jasonhousley.blogspot.com/2009/04/i-have-started.html and about everything else..well

    cool comment about your guitar playing.

    DSLR’s are where it’s at in the photography world. idk of anyone seeling one, but they are pretty pricey.
    pandora rocks. haven’t used it a whole lot though.

    I want an iphone as well.

    it’s WAYY TOO late TIME FOR BED!

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