I scored pretty high on this bad boy

Now here is a test that I feel pretty confident about.

I saw Jon Acuff last month at an event in Atlanta called “Off the Blogs” with Carlos Whitaker and Anne Jackson.

It was on of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. All the stuff that gets in the way was removed; all the titles and categories that we love to put on people and church did not matter that night.

Emergent, emerging, relevant, real, contemporary, attraction, blah, tradition; all of the politics were removed, and truth was shared.

They talked about giving others the gift of going second by sharing their experiences first. They showed their love and concern for a room full of people they did not know by sharing personal stories about their struggles and the life-changing power that only Jesus Christ brings.

It was as if a room full of people took off the mask of Christianity and actually did something that was real and honest. I will never forget that night.

They are all such amazing and sincere people; you should check out their websites.

– I hope you enjoyed the worship leader test as well. I will not tell you my score…but it was pretty high.

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