So true.

This post really hits the point. I think this is something that many people struggle with. It is something that I have been very guilty of doing, and I can think of so many examples when this has become normal in so many places. We talk about other people all the time…and swear that we are not jealous of THAT person or THAT church.

But I think that when we are honest with ourselves, we find that we are VERY jealous of others. And that does not make it ok. It also does not make it ok when it is a normal habit.

Check out the post for yourself from Steven Furtick

I could not have put it better.

This something that I a begging God for during my Facebook fast. I want to focus less of criticizing others about what they are doing WRONG (or what I think is wrong…) and focus on what God wants me to do RIGHT.

Read his post a few times, let it sink it, don’t just throw it out and think “well, that is not me..”. Because it probably is. 

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