Facebook Fast

This is not an original idea, but that does not change the fact that it could be a great thing for me.

I am taking lead from Anne Jackson, and Kami. They paved the way, and I am following in their idea.

I have never really fasted from anything, so I think it will be a good experience. It may be hard… I think I am addicted to Twitter.

I am going to give up Facebook and Twitter for the next month. I may also be giving up my blog (at least spending time editing it…). If I do post, it will not be too often, and it will be about things God is teaching me during this time.

I want to spend a good deal of time writing, without agenda, or pressure to post. I want to have time to sit in God’s presence and beg Him to speak truth and life into me. That is why I am pulling the plug for the time being.

My prayer is that I will return to the online community a new person.

Goodbye for now…I’ll be back soon

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