Left-Brained Worship. Part 2

Hope you all enjoyed the first section yesterday, here is next heading in the article.

I Hate all Your Show

Jesus had some strong words for the Pharisees during his time on earth. They always had something against Christ, and he always had an answer to give (although it was rarely what they expected).

In Mark chapter 7, the Pharisees come up to Jesus and his disciples and rebuke them for not cleaning their hands before they eat. They were upset because they were not following the traditions of the elders. Jesus calls them hypocrites and quotes Isaiah 29:13

“These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. They worship me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men.”

Jesus just called them out. He quoted the Old Testament and told them that the prophecy was about them.

It’s easy to hate on the Pharisees, isn’t it? I’ve been there, pointing the finger (or bible) and telling of their evils. It is a favorite preaching point.

What scares me is that we are just like them. What if Jesus was on earth today? Would he have similar words to give to Christians?

I think he might…I think we have all been there with the Pharisees. It is much easier to give lip service. It is easier to go through the motions.
Jesus is not interested in show. He is not impressed with how well you sing (or play), or how many hymns you can name off the top of you head.

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1 Response to Left-Brained Worship. Part 2

  1. Brian Alexander says:

    Good stuff man. That song by Jon Foreman is absolutely amazing.

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