Slamming other pastors

You hear it all the time on tv and even from other pastors (they can be the worst). 

I have been guilty of doing it; it used to happen a great deal after chapel and church services.
Most times, the criticism was not about anything that had any value; it was because there was something about them I did not like. My personal opinion became more important then the speaker being who God called them to be. 
I am not saying that we should not test what is said and done with scripture. But we should test it with the bible, NOT our personal preferences
I have seen so many pastor quote another pastors sermon and then spend the next twenty minutes slamming a quote they just took out of context. You just look silly when you do this… and you just wasted time you could have used to tell them about Christ and His love. 
You slammed another pastor, someone in ministry with you. No wonder people think Christians are hypocrites. 
I was talking to one of my friends today, and he told me of someone he knew that messaged him and told him to watch out for a local pastor. They showed a 2 minute video clip of him on their weekly show. They said things about this pastor that were not true at all and took what he did say completely out of context. This just really bothers me.
I am not sure why Pastors feel the need to use  the stage as a soapbox. Maybe they have big ego. Maybe they are insecure in themselves and feel the need to project that on others. 
I am not sure why… but it saddens me to see it. 
It also bothers  me when pastors push political agendas over preaching God’s word. The world is not going to end because there is a Democratic president. We did not stump God; I think He was pretty aware of what was happening… 
Maybe we need to get out of our adulterous relationship with the republican party and  get back to focusing on the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. In the words of Derek Webb,                                                                                                     “There’s never been a savior up on Capitol Hill…” 
Just a thought. 

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1 Response to Slamming other pastors

  1. Brent Alexander says:

    i struggle with this especially. i’m way to judgmental. just for the sake of being judgmental. and i do so just b/c i think my opinion is better. pray that i can be less prideful and more encouraging…

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