Giving God our crap…

I have been very convicted about worship lately. 

What it looks like, how it can be lived out, and what that means for me every day. 
Here are some of my thoughts on worship. There is more to come in my first article that should be up later this week for download :). Hope this can wet your palette… and make you think outside the box a little (lot). 
– When we become more obsessed with tradition than seeking the face of God…. we miss the point of worship. 
– Luke warm worship leaders say things on stage they would never say to their friends or family.
– I saw this one on Carlos Whitaker’s blog, and has been on my heart and mind since… I can remember times when I have been very guilty of this. Saying prayers that mean nothing, but sound profound. Saying thing when I do not live them. Saying things on stage I know will get a response. 
The more I read and pray about this, the more I am convicted. When I see how many times I am guilty of this, it is shocking (and humbling).
 When I talk with my own power, it is kind of like giving God the middle finger and saying, “I can do this on my own…Your help is not needed today”. 
My favorite verse is Psalm 51:15, “Oh Lord, open my lips that my mouth may declare your praise”. This has really become a theme verse for my life.      I do not want to say (or do) anything that is not from God. Especially when I am on stage. 
I want to be a transparent worship leader. Part of that means being honest on stage. I want people to experience God, not me. When God is in charge, things are better. 
SO the question becomes, 
If everything is better when God is in charge, why would I ever want to speak on my own power??
-The  answer is, that it is more convenient. It is easier sometimes to pick songs you like, say what you want, and make the service happen. 
Problem. This is not worship (at least not worship of God….maybe of self). 
Worship is all about giving up my pride, and giving over my power. This is my struggle with the flesh every day. I want the glory, I want fame. But God has called me to much more than I can imagine. I do not want to let me pride and arrogance get in the way of the life-changing power of Christ. 
Give God your best… not your crap. 
-What has God been convicting you of lately?? 

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1 Response to Giving God our crap…

  1. greg says:

    these are good thoughts. so many times today authentic worship does not concern what God thinks but what the people think. and truthfully, worship is about God, for God, and to God. but as a worship leader you have to walk a fine line, your worship has to be legitimate to God, but you are also there to lead the poeple into the place where they can worship God. you have to think about this and figure out ways sometimes before hand about how you are going to get them to a place where they can forget about everything but God during that time so they can worship.

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