Lull in the blog

Hello faithful blog readers

I am sorry for my disappearance from the blog world. I have been busy with school stuff and BSU, and I have been spending all my free writing time working on some articles (hopefully the first will be posted soon). 
Here is what went down the first week of school (by week, I mean 3 days; but it felt like a week).
– I love my new classes (and major). Media Ministry is going to be wonderful.
-Fusion was amazing on Thursday. If you did not make it, or do not go to NGU, you can check out some video footage on my facebook page. 
– Spent 2 hours at Spill the Beans last night writing; it was actually one of the most cathartic things I have done in a long time
– I want the new Line 6 M13. Just had to say it. I have been watching videos and reading reviews all day, and I am pretty much sold. I should sell something I suppose, but I think this could appear on my pedal board in the near future. 
– Pumped about Newspring tomorrow!!!!! Oh how I missed the amazing worship experience at Newspring. It is wonderful. If you live in the upstate, you need to make a trip to Anderson or Greenville to go to Newspring 
-I have Spanish this semester. I may die.   I need a good tutor…. any takers? 
Much more to come soon. I am excited about getting some of my articles up for download.
 Check back often for updates and fun. 

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1 Response to Lull in the blog

  1. feelinsofly says:

    i would be MORE THAN HAPPY to tutor you in spanish! I’m a spanish minor, and absolutely love helping people 🙂

    what spanish are you taking?

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